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It is the mission of Content Producers Guild to support, encourage and facilitate the production of high-quality, ethically responsible independent media created by skilled Alaskan producers to engage and inform the public.

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CPG supports independent radio, television, filmmaking and new media projects created by Alaskan producers.

The Content Producers Guild (or, CPG as we like to call it) is a member-serving 501(c)(3) organization that exists to support the works of independent media producers in the state of Alaska. The vision for CPG is that it become an active and vibrant community of members who collaborate with one another to produce high-quality independent, educational media projects that are seen, heard and experienced by a large audience. CPG supports independent projects by providing professional consultation, networking connections, project management, production services and fiscal sponsorship to committed Alaskan producers.

  • Do you have a project idea that needs development? We do that, helping producers every step of the way - from intitial idea to executable plan.
  • Does your project need logistical support? We do that, too, everything from budgeting to scheduling.
  • Seeking an audience for your finished project? We can help to connect your work to the right media outlet.
  • Don't qualify for non-profit status funding? We help our members' projects connect to funding sources through fiscal sponsorship arrangements.


Contact us to find out how we can work together to make independent media thrive in Alaska!


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